Geoscience Integrations

Geologic interpretations integrating diverse data sets

Seismic surveying for hardrock mineral targets

Geoscience Integrations offers services in the areas of unconventional hydrocarbon development and in application of seismic methods in hardrock mineral exploration. Geoscience Integrations considers methane gas hydrate to be the newest of the unconventional hydrocarbon resources and offers a variety of services in this particular arena for both Arctic and deep water marine environments. Services for both hydrocarbon exploration and development and mineral exploration include:

Synthesis of existing client seismic, well log, and potential field data

Coordination of new data acquisition, particularly refraction and reflection surveys for mineral exploration

Peer review of client reports and oral presentation materials prior to submittal to colleagues, partners, or agencies

Facilitation of client teams wishing to estimate the expected value of the information in 3D/4D seismic surveys and other data acquisition and in resource development projects




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