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The two sites below describe projects that bracket Bob Lankston's career. He was involved with the Two Creeks project after taking his first geology course as an undergraduate. The Flathead Lake seismic project was one in which he became interested almost 40 years later. In those intervening decades, Bob was involved in other academic efforts, notably the Geophysical Field Exercise.


1967 Two Creeks (Wisconsin) Interglacial Soil Project

The Two Creeks buried soil horizon in northern Wisconsin is well known. The 1967 field project exposed a small area of the soil and adjacent till and lacustrine sediment layers. Bob was one of the field assistants on the project.  2017, as this page is being edited, marks the 50th anniversary of the project.


1970 Flathead Lake Seismic Survey

This is the digital archive of the 1970 Flathead Lake seismic survey hosted by the University of Montana Mansfield Library.  In the fall of 2005, Bob became interested in seismic data that had been collected during the summer of 1970 in Flathead Lake.  Through an interesting chain of events, an analog tape of the data was discovered in early 2006 in an unlikely archive. The data were transcribed to a digital format in the summer of 2006, and experimentation with digital processing schemes has occurred on and off since then.  The development of the digital archive began during the 2006-07 academic year, and it has evolved continuously since then.  The archive contains a sample of the result of 2011 digital processing of the data from the analog tape.  In 2012, a process of generating digital traces from facsimile-style images of the data from the 1970-71 era was developed, and this site illustrates the process and gives an example of the use of those “dots to data” traces.  Links to student work with the data are given.  A slightly less up to date set of images and text will be available here for a short time. 



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