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Peer Review of Documents and Presentations

The multidiscipline team so common in today's exploration offers synchronous geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering progress on projects. Sometimes, however, the team members become so close to their work that written reports and oral presentations may omit details of history, theory, logic, or process. These details may be critical in conveying a coherent message through documents and presentations that are delivered to partners, government agencies, environmental organizations, and the general public.

Geoscience Integrations can provide an independent set of eyes and ears to preview presentations and make suggestions for improvements given the intended audience, available time slot, venue, and so forth. We will not be able to catch every problem or prepare you for every question that might come up, but we can help identify problems in document flow, common grammar, and graphical clarity that could make a difference in moving your project forward.

While able to provide review of a wide variety of hydrocarbon exploration topics, Geoscience Integrations is most interested in working with you in its specialty areas:

Seismic surveying for mineral resources

Gas hydrate exploration and development

Value of information decision trees, influence diagrams, and decision and risk time lines

Unconventional hydrocarbon resources such as coal bed methane and shale gas

Pressure and fluid analysis or prediction


Peer Assist and Training

Peer review is often a last minute effort and, in cases where deadlines are approaching, the full potential of the benefit of external review may not be realized. Geoscience Integrations recommends a peer assist approach to document and presentation development to avoid last minute crises. In the peer assist approach, your team is joined early in the document/presentation preparation stage of the project by a member of our staff who is then available to train and coach your team and to edit materials as they evolve.


Software Documentation Development

A special category of document review and preparation for which Geoscience Integrations is well suited is generation of new or editing of existing user's guides and help systems for geoscience software. Software inevitably finds its way into the hands of users who are not members of the expert group for which the application may have been designed. Clearly written and illustrated on-line and print documentation is valuable for both the neophyte in the field and the expert. Help system development generally complements beta testing or other pre-release activities. Beta testing of new software is available through Geoscience Integrations as a standalone service or as part of a package of software testing and documentation development.


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